Celebrated International Yoga Day with enthusiasm at Shri Siddheshwar Women's College of Engineering

International Yoga Day was celebrated in Shri Siddheshwar Women’s College of Engineering under the National Service Scheme.Mr. Santosh Hosmani and Mr. Raju Junja, who have been working with Art of Living for the last 23 years, gave yoga lessons to the students.Mr. Santosh Hosmani explained how to do yoga, while Mr. Raju Junja demonstrated the practice of yoga.
Excessive amount of sitting work puts a lot of stress on the neck and waist which can lead to various ailments. For that, I explained the different positions of the neck and waist which can be easily done by taking only 15 minutes every day.Similarly, daily practice of anulom vilom, bhramari, kapalbhati pranayama and meditation increases concentration, efficiency and enthusiasm, as well as helps in maintaining energy for work. He appealed to all the students to do regular yoga and keep away from diseases.
   The program was chaired by Shri Siddheshwar Devasthan Shikshan Samiti’s Chief Executive Officer Pvt. C.B. Nadgauda appealed to avoid fast food and eat a balanced diet. Regular exercise with a proper diet reduces the risk of getting sick.The event was attended by the Principal in charge Dr. AS Patil, teachers, non-teaching staff and all the students.