Information Technology


The Department of Information Technology has been established in 2020 with an intake of 60 girl students. The Department is equipped with huge infrastructure and all facilities with highly qualified & experienced staff to cater the need of students. The department has dedicated 48 Mbps internet leased line for connecting all departments and their laboratories to share the information at the finger tip. The laboratories are well equipped with licensed software. The latest branded computers, printers and scanners make the IT experience, a truly world class.

Information Technology plays a vital role in our modern day lifestyles. It has touched each and every aspect of human life. With the emergence of computers, we are witnessing a sea change in the business world. Starting from multi-national corporations to small businesses, IT plays a stupendous role. In the field of Communication, Inventory Management, Data Management, Management Information Systems and Customer Relationship Management, IT plays a pivotal role. 

Information Technology is an engineering division, which concentrates on the study of utilizing computers and telecommunications in order to control, gather, store and circulate information. Both software and hardware sectors are parts of Information Technology.

====================Faculty Members====================

Dr. T. A. Chavan

M.Tech.(CSE), Ph. D.(CSE)
Experience: 22 Years

Prof. S. M. Gungewale

HoD & Assistant Professor
Experience: 08 Years

Prof. J. I. Nandalwar

Assistant Professor
Experience: 15 Years

Prof. V. V. Shirashyad

Assistant Professor
Experience: 07 Years

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