Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) are the most important technologies in the world today for technology people & for decision makers in the fast growing Industries. Artificial Intelligence will impact all segments of daily life by 2025 from transport, logistics, healthcare, customer services to many more. Data science is the most popular & hottest field in the world today. Artificial Intelligence is one of the top most technology with tremendous business job opportunities in the present time and in future also. Artificial Intelligence is the implementation of predictive model to forecast future events & trends. It has the ability to learn, analyze through training & to think to make decisions very quickly without giving a chance to human errors.
The application of AI is everywhere where it helps Doctors, Engineers, Traders & Brokers to quickly analyze and get accurate predictions & results which saves the cost & time.

• What is Data Science?
Data Science is the current reigning technology that has conquered industries around the world. It has brought about a fourth industrial revolution in the world today as industry4.0. This is only due to the massive explosion in data and the growing need of the industries to rely on data to create better products & to make careful decisions. Data Science is the trends to use patterns in data to arrive at a decision. Using data science, complex models can be built for achieving various statistical insights to find
hidden patterns in the data.

• Why Data Scientists & Engineers required?
Data science involves various underlying fields like statistics, mathematics & programming. Big data engineers, machine learning engineers & data scientists are required to be proficient to understand trends & patterns in the data. The job of data scientists is to forecast future events & to make necessary data driven decisions by analyzing data through 

1) Data extraction using SQL & No SQL
2) Data manipulation
3) Data visualization
4) Maintenance of data &
5) Classification of data based on goal.

The data scientists help the industries to assess their performance and also suggest necessary changes to boost their performance or it can help product development team to tailor products by analyzing customer expectations or liking. A data scientists also must have sound knowledge of machine learning algorithms. Data scientists perform the operations like learn, optimize, aggregate, lable, explore, transform, move, store or collect using machine learning algorithms. These machine learning algorithms are Artificial Intelligence.

v What is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence is the branch of Computer Science & Engineering where smart machines are developed to support the decision making process by analyzing data based on the available information with the organization. Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence that is possessed by the machines like animals & humans without having emotion or consciousness i.e. no conscious mind. AI makes the use of algorithms to perform autonomous actions using path finding algorithms like A* & contemporary
Artificial Intelligence algorithms like deep learning to understand the patterns to find the goal embedded in the data. AI is the tool for data scientists & engineers.

Artificial Intelligence & Data science is a broad field of study pertaining to data systems & processes where Data science makes use of AI to generate predictions based on data analysis & visualization. Data science performs analysis of data & AI is the tool for creating better products & imparting them with greater autonomy. Recently many technology users like Google, Amazon & Facebook are using Artificial Intelligence to develop autonomous systems. Therefore there are ample opportunities for trained & certified professionals to enter a rewarding career.

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