Shri Siddheshwar Devasthan, Solapur

Shri Shivayogi Siddheshwar Maharaj is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, whose temple is located amidst a lake further flanked by Bhuikot fort. The temple is highly revered by the devotees as it is the place where Shri Siddheshwar Maharaj attained Samadhi.




The temple is administered by the Shri Siddheshwar Devasthan Panch Committee. This is a public charitable trust established in 1885.  Many social, educational and medical services are provided  by the trust through various organizations.


Shri Siddheshwar Devasthan is engaged in the upliftment of the Society since its inception. In fact the same was started by Lord Siddheshwar in 12th Century.


Late Shri Appasaheb Kadadi was of the opinion that, if a girl child gets educated, the whole family will get transformed. That is Why our Trust has ‘Kanya Prashala’ & ‘Shri Siddheshwar Women’s Polytechnic.


Now to extend the same vision, the Trust is starting a Degree Technical Institute. The aim of the Trust is to provide quality education Without commercialization. I hope this Institute will cater the needs of the Society. 

BoG Committee

CDC Committee

IQAC Committee

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